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A global recession has started since 2008. In addition, supply chains have faced a series of ever-more-frequent global and regional challenges in recent years, from natural disasters to escalating trade tensions between major economic blocs. As a result, there has been a shift of focus to the challenge of mitigating risk and cost optimization

At the same time, information became more accessible than ever meaning the companies can now easily access deep market insights around economy and commodity trends, shipping analytics and customer information. That makes the Charterers that invest in analytics to be able to use data-led insights to seize opportunities in four main areas: mitigate fraudulent risks, optimize costs, increase the diversity of commercial options and operate existing shipments in more efficient way

The bulk and tanker shipping industry has historically been characterized by more instinctive decision making (based on judgment and experience), so this will require a step change in analytics capability. The investment is not significant, but those companies that are able to fully use the new data sources and cutting-edge analytical techniques are well positioned and easily adaptive in the postcrisis world

Considering the uniqueness of every supply chain, the only way to create effective cost-cutting solutions is to combine industry innovations and modern vision of global cross-functional interaction with conservative shipping elements. Having above in mind our team provides a wide range of the charterers-focused bespoke services. Our solutions are customized to your needs, leading to deeper insights and higher cost savings

We focus on our clients to consistently meet and exceed their expectations at every touchpoint through benchmarking, developing quality and deep research, and remediation services across the entire supply chain

Our approach and methodology are oriented on discovering value that is hidden in the intersection of functions—even well-performing ones at the first sight. More than just digitizing operations, we leverage leading technologies and analytics to fundamentally rethink and innovate supply chain operations



– We carefully study your business
– We understand the needs of your business, emphasizing unique points
– We develop individual solutions together with you, providing the opportunity to achieve new goals not available before


– We love mathematics
– We propose solutions rather than simply answering your questions
– Our solutions are well grounded, practical and correspond to uniqueness of your business
– We speak in understandable language, not just in legal terminology


– Unique system analysis
– Fully transparent formulas and assumptions, derived from extensive market survey
– Based on metrics of global freight indicative providers and shipowners
– Applied judgments are unambiguous, rigorous and replicable
– Combine technological advances and conservative approach

Our services


Supply chains have a strategic impact on the organization’s performance. Maritime supply chain systems analysis gives an opportunity for internal audit teams to look at the supply chain structure and make sure there are appropriate stop and check-points in place, making possible to control costs, mitigate risk factors and protect your brand

Our methodology provides you with an opportunity not only evaluate the costs retrospectively, but also highlight the competence of the stuff in key positions

The company performing no supply chain audits is likely to face with bribery risks, greater disruption and poor performance as the speed and agility to react will be much slower than the company that understands the importance of and uses all the audit instruments – intelligence, compliance tools, supplier verification audit, etc.


We propose optimization and improvement of existing delivery schemes and supply chains, providing cost effective solutions at every of below steps:

– reconsidering/modification of initial supply chain designs, analyzing the route, loading/discharging points, product flows, strategic objectives like freight rate forecasting, planning and scheduling of shipments operations, etc.

– creation of alternative delivery solutions as a key to reduce the expanses and increase the cargo flow volumes

– improvement of the entire delivery chains as well as possibility to reconsider only part of it among the variety of services in place (auto, rail, sea, river delivery, shore operations in port, agents, forwarders, underwriters, authorities, etc.)

Added Value

Thoroughly analyzing company operations, cross-functional activities and understanding the needs of your business, we propose a wide range of outsource services to provide your company with the most advanced added value benefits, among which:

– organization of full cycle delivery on outsource terms, providing the company with both benefits at the same time: the most effective delivery solutions requiring no staff with high/proficient qualification in the company (reduced wage fund)

– development of sales, delivery, purchase terms, effective intersection of which provides the company with the possibility of additional cost-cutting and risk reduction

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